Paul & Samantha

Paul & Samantha Roach

Senior Pastor, Paul Roach:

Pastor Paul Roach was born and raised in El Reno, Oklahoma.  He received the Lord at age 8, raised in a Southern Baptist home, recieved the call to ministry at age 13, was licensed to the ministry at 17 and ordained at 19.

A football player in high school and college, Paul answered the call to ministry his junior year of college and became a youth pastor of a Southern Baptist Church in San Diego, California.

Even though Paul was highly successful, having the fastest growing youth group in San Diego at the time, in high demand by other churches, Paul was poured out, worn out, tired and disillusioned with ministry.  He cried to God, saying, "Lord if this is all there is to the ministry I want out!  But if there's more, show me!"

God answered in an unusual way by bringing a "long haired" hippie, baptized in the ocean type guy who got his roughest teens filled with the Holy Ghost.  His worst kids became the most committed.  He could argue doctrine all day long but he could not argue the change in these teenager's lives.  Finally, he said yes to the Baptism in the Holy Ghost and it changed his life forever.

He left the Baptist Seminary he was attending and went to a Spirit filled college.  Later, being called back to El Reno and pastoring in Mustang, Oklahoma God began speaking to him about a future wife.  Through a set of supernatural events Paul proposed to and married the woman God had for him.

The Lord led him to further his ministry training and he graduated from Rhema Bible Training Center in Broken Arrow, Oklahoma in 1986.  He returned to San Diego to pioneer a work.  Three years later, they returned to El Reno, where they have pastored for over 20 years.  Paul also holds a Bachelor of Theology degree from Christian Life School of Theology and is ordained with Rhema.  Paul is the father of 1 son, James, who is also a pastor in western Oklahoma and is a proud grandfather of 5.

Associate Pastor, Samantha Roach:

Associate Pastor Samantha Roach was also born again at the age of 8, but was in and out of church as a child.  Living a back slidden, promiscuous life, she married, divorced and remarried.  Her 2nd marriage was to an alcoholic who physically and verbally abused her.

She often feared for her life and was told from time to time that he (her husband) could have her shot on the streets of San Francisco for a hundred bucks.  Having become an alcoholic herself, she woke up in a bed with someone other than her husband, who was also out somewhere sleeping with someone...she took a good hard look at her life and realized how far from God she had come.  She gave her life back to the Lord and asked him to "put within her whatever it took to serve him all the days of her life".  That was in 1971 and God was faithful to her prayer even in the midst of intense persecution.

There came a day when her husband asked her for a divorce again and this time it was final.  There was a catch however, she had to walk away from all that she had helped to build, close to a million dollars in real estate holdings.  She walked away with nothing but the clothes on her back and her car.  She moved to another state, changed her name at the prompting of the FBI and promised God that she would follow Him where-ever He led her.

That place turned out to be Oklahoma and Rhema Bible Training Center in Broken Arrow, Oklahoma.  She graduated in 1982.  Samantha traveled for a year and in 1983 went on staff with Rhema coordinating student activities.

The Lord began ministering to her that he had a husband for her.  That surprised her.  In her mind a 3rd marriage was out of the question.  God had other plans.  Through a storybook romance that only God could put together, she married her "knight in shining armor", Paul Roach.

Besides being a pastor's wife and Associate Pastor, Samantha has a specific call and message to the United States.  She travels border to border and coast to coast ministering a message of mercy, grace and restoration that was ministered to her.  She holds her ordination papers through Rhema and her Bachelor of Theology degree through Christian Life School of Theology.

Associate Pastor, Jerry Sue Colbert:

Associate Pastor Jerry Sue Colbert was also born and raised in El Reno, Oklahoma.  Jerry married Gordon Colbert in 1968, the year she graduated high school.  They had 4 sons, Brandon, Shannon, Danon and Simeon.  Simeon was just a year old when tragedy struck.  Jerry lost her sweetheart and raised her sons with the help of the Lord.  Already a Licensed Practical Nurse, Jerry put herself through college and received her RN degree.

Even though she grew up in church Jerry made a strong commitment to the Lord right after the birth of her 3rd son and received a definite call to the ministry then.  Actively involved in her church, she raised her sons and helped start a church, Faith Temple in El Reno.  Later she also helped start Full Gospel Bible Church, which became Faith Family Church.

In 1992, she attended her niece's graduation from Rhema Bible Training Center.  While watching the graduation unfold, she felt a definite tugging to attend Rhema in the future, not realizing that future was 3 months later!  While attending Kenneth Hagin's Campmeeting, the following July, the Lord spoke to her that she was to attend Rhema that Fall!  So in 1 month, she moved herself and her son to Tulsa and graduated from Rhema in 1994.

Upon graduation the Lord moved her back to El Reno to be an Assoc. Pastor at Faith Family.  Jerry's heart is to help Christians know who they are and grow up strong in the Lord, teaching them to overcome any adversity they may encounter.  She knows what it is to overcome the obstacles of life and the loss of loved ones.  Her mother, who lived with her for the last years of her life went home to be with the Lord in 1995 and Simeon, her youngest son, went home to the Lord in 2006.  Through it all she learned the faithfulness of God, his ability to strengthen you, keep you and bring you to victory.

Her heart is touched with a love and compassion for others and she preaches a strong message of victory...that no matter what the situation you have in life you can overcome by the Blood of the Lamb and the Word of God.  She is a walking dynamic testimony of that truth.  Jerry is also ordained through Rhema.